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Quest Financial

Our team consists of highly-skilled professionals who specialize in the fields of retirement planning, income planning and wealth management. We work together to help ensure our clients have customized and effective retirement strategies. With the emphasis on asset preservation and strategic distribution, our team collaborates with each other to design conservative financial retirement plans for our clients. Our team is dedicated to exceeding our clients’ expectations for service, financial knowledge and the management of their retirement funds.

In short, our financial professionals and staff deliver what we call “B.I.E.” to you:

  • Best Advice
  • Investment Choices
  • Excellent Services

Gene J. Wittstock, MSF

President and Founder

“A successful, comprehensive retirement plan should consist of many parts – guaranteed incomes, managed investments, effective tax strategies, healthcare provisions and customized estate planning. These basic essentials also need to be encompassed in a unified structure reflecting three objectives: guarantees, growth and liquidity.”

In today’s stressed economy, we have witnessed the disappearance of pensions and clients with substantially diminished assets due to market volatility. Therefore, our challenge is to find a way to help these people – many of whom are more afraid of running out of money than they are of dying.”

As the chief strategist for retirement income, Gene’s primary role is to provide independent financial guidance to families and businesses. The cornerstone of his methodology is financial education and the ability to empower retirees with significant retirement confidence.

“Our ultimate goal must be to preserve our clients’ assets, while at the same time, find ways to make their desired retirement lifestyle possible.”

With over 20 years of experience, Gene Wittstock has successfully guided hundreds of area residents in their quest for a more secure retirement, including retirees of AT&T, the Detroit Police Department, Wayne County, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, Chrysler, Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan and many employees from local hospitals, schools and universities.

As a first-generation immigrant, Gene is proud that he totally funded his education through hard work and dedication. He graduated with honors from William Tyndale College in Michigan, majoring in psychology and business administration. He also earned a Master of Science degree in finance from Walsh College of Accountancy and Business Administration in Michigan.

Gene and his wife, Joanna, enjoy spending time both in Michigan and in Florida. He is an avid reader with a voracious appetite for researching financial topics. Gene runs about five miles a day and participates in long-distance running events.

William J. Revoir,
Investment Adviser Representative

Principal, Wealth Management Division
We believe that it is imperative for every retiree to have a well-designed income plan as well as a solidly constructed wealth management portfolio. Consequently, we conduct comprehensive research for our investors, providing them with groundbreaking, innovative wealth management platforms.  Our philosophy focuses on growth, liquidity and guarantees*.

“As Warren Buffet once explained, the two most important rules in investing are, ‘Rule No. 1: Never Lose Money. Rule No. 2: Never Forget Rule No. 1.’  In following these rules, we focus on preservation of capital in down markets and put investor capital to work during sustained bull markets.”

Bill has been in the financial services industry since 1979. When he joined Quest Financial, he brought with him extensive knowledge and experience in retirement planning and wealth management. Bill is an Investment Adviser Representative, he has passed the Series 65 securities exam, and he is affiliated with CoreCap Investments, Inc. In addition, he holds a Michigan life, health and accident insurance license.

Heading up the Wealth Management Division of Quest Financial, Bill specializes in designing comprehensive wealth management strategies for individuals, families and businesses. As part of our advisory team, Bill develops retirement plans for our clients that focus on a variety of investment, insurance and wealth management products.

Previously, Bill served as a Macomb County commissioner for three terms. He was responsible for overseeing a budget of $450 million as chairman of the Finance Committee. Bill also served as a trustee of the Defined Benefit Pension Plan for Macomb County, with assets in excess of $700 million. Bill also was chairman of the Retiree Health Care Fund, with assets over $100 million.

When Bill was senior pastor of Faith Victory Church, he oversaw the operations of the 12 departments of the church and directed a staff of approximately 30 people.

Bill holds a degree in Biblical Science from Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Bill and his wife, Linda, live in Clinton Township, and they enjoy the wonderfully simple things in life, such as taking walks together, reading and watching movies. They have three children: Jason, Meghan and Amy.

G.B. Thimotheose, MA, MBA

Financial Professional

“Our main goal is to help clients protect and grow their financial portfolios and to show them how they can have income for life* and, at the same time, save money on their taxes."

“We are an independent financial advisory firm – we do not need to make quotas with certain products as if we were working for a brokerage firm."

“Some of our biggest success stories often come from our clients with the smallest amounts of retirement assets. Many of our clients worked for companies that did not offer a pension. For them, knowing that they can have a guaranteed income * gives them confidence in their retirement years.”

With his knowledge in retirement income distribution planning, G.B. Thimotheose helps clients arrive at non-investment strategies for accumulating and preserving assets prior to retirement. In addition, he assists clients during the distribution phase so that they can feel confident in their retirement income. G.B. is dedicated to teaching clients how to preserve their retirement assets regardless of the economic landscape.

G.B. graduated with honors from Walsh College with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. He also has a Master of Arts Degree in Psychology from the University of Detroit/Mercy. He is  also licensed to sell insurance in the state of Michigan. G.B. is well recognized by many professionals in the financial, medical, academic and engineering fields. He has been interviewed on radio and television and been a recurrent figure on PBS. He has been a keynote speaker for such distinguished organizations as the Detroit Rotary Club, the West Bloomfield Rotary Club, Walsh College and TiEcon – the World's Largest Conference for Entrepreneurs.

G.B. is a trained psychologist and before his career as a financial professional, he worked as a clinical psychologist in private practice. His primary focus, however, is to preserve clients’ principal during market downturns as well as to accumulate interest during economic upturns.

G.B is an avid reader and is diligent in his research within a vast amount of financial, business, political and economic topics. He enjoys spending time with his wife and three children.


Nancy K. Coppage, BA

Director of Marketing

After a 34-year career in the office equipment and software solutions industry, a chance of a lifetime came as a result of marketing a new office copier to Quest Financial. After several meetings and “trial” closes, the deal I pride myself in closing the most was to engage in my current role as marketing director in this magnificent office. Of course, they bought the best quality copier in the industry, which shows they are a quality organization; but, more than that, they asked that I join the team.

So, instead of retiring, this has been my home for well over a year! My daily activities include handling phones, creating advertisements for publication in local newspapers, setting up seminars and lunch-n­-learn events, and assuring the accuracy of office documentation and initiating document imaging efforts for the highest level of office productivity and customer satisfaction.

In my spare time, my interests include being a Realtor, substitute teacher at a couple of local school districts (my idea of paid volunteerism), working toward my Master of Business Administration degree (halfway there with a 3.95 GPA), and playing Jeopardy each weekday evening with my best friend, my sister.

My only child lives in Brooklyn and practices law in the Bronx, so traveling to see him is also a desire that working here allows me to accomplish with the kindness and flexibility offered at Quest; much like their product  portfolio options  do for clients.


Joan Rybicki

Business Operational Manager

Supporting all members of our team in their quest to establish long-standing, meaningful relationships with clients brings a tremendous amount of gratification to my role.  The process of  assisting clients with their applications, and assuring them of the progress of their account transactions, by open communication, is what sets us apart in this industry. We pride ourselves in knowing that our client service expertise has been exemplary. The goal is to make clients so happy that they cannot wait to share their results with others; hence, the  Quest family continues to grow.

For well over three decades, these skills were honed through a 34-year career with AT&T, where we truly reached out to touch someone. Today, we reach out and touch each of our clients on a wide range of items, such as requests for funds, transferring monies to options of interest, and sometimes simply to provide a status of their current contracts, by setting up one-on-one appointments to review their accounts.

We rarely miss the birthday of a client, and our clients call to thank us for any small token of esteem that we are dedicated to providing each and every one of them. Not only am I a happy employee of Quest Financial, my investments are here, as well.

In my spare time my life is fulfilled spending time with my husband of 35 years, my children and my grandchildren, preferably traveling to many exciting places as a family.

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